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I am presently visiting the Department of Mathematics of the University of Maryland in College Park as a postdoc. My stay is sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation. In College Park I am mainly working with Prof. Ricardo Nochetto. I can be reached by phone at +1-301-405-5079 or by e-mail at kessler(AT)

Research work

In the past I have been mainly concerned with the modeling, mathematical and numerical analysis of phase field models describing the isothermal solidification of binary alloys. This was the subject of my doctoral thesis at EPFL in Lausanne. As a postdoc at the University of Maryland, I am working mainly on a posteriori error analysis for finite element methods. In particular, I have been studying the Allen-Cahn problem, for which subtle techniques are necessary. Classical error analysis, (ab)using Gronwall's lemma, leads to an exponential dependence of the error estimates on a small parameter defining the problem. I have also undertaken implementation of adaptive finite element numerical schemes for the solution of parabolic problems, using the library Albert.

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